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7 Top Reasons you should come to Tauranga Startup Weekend #tgasw16

The organizing team is buzzing as preparations are well under way to bring this unique event back to Tauranga.

Here are seven reasons why you should come (or come back!) to Tauranga Startup Weekend and connect, discover and learn all you need to create a real company in just 54 hours. 

You can secure your spot now or... read on!

1.    If you like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den, then you’ll love this!  
Over the weekend you could meet your next mentor, co-founder, investor or friend and the only way to really learn something is to actually experience doing it.  Turnaround time from idea to reality happens in a fraction of the time it normally takes to get a new company launched.  

2. It happens the world over and it's coming to Tauranga too  
Tauranga Startup Weekend is part of a global movement over 2.9k+ events in 150+ countries and counting.  Having access to a top resource from around the world is an unbelievable opportunity to learn from the very best.  

3. Catch the Innovation 
Learn what it takes to get your idea off the ground surrounded by innovators and real business people who know exactly what it takes for a business to startup and grow.  Through collaborating, networking and exploring bright-spark ideas, you’re opening up new channels of information and getting vital insights into the world of business. 

4. 5th Year Anniversary  
Well we’ve certainly learnt a lot over the last five years.  If you’ve attended previous events do you remember the learning? The action? The pain? The food? The mentors? The judge’s feedback? No doubt you haven’t forgotten but remember what they say - no pain no gain; so expand your knowledge, step outside your comfort zone and be prepared for getting those answers you always wanted.  

5. He tangata, he tangata, he tangata 
“The people, the people, the people” 
Immerse and surround yourself with others who share your excitement and enthusiasm to make a difference. Participants are encouraged to share and support each other; judges, sponsors and mentors are on hand with their hard won wisdom and expertise and facilitators are here to make sure the event flows and delivers, for you, the participants. Tauranga Startup Weekend is an incredible team event.  

6. ‘She’s Pretty Hi-Tech’  
Based at the ultra modern and high tech Basetation in Tauranga, you’ll be stepping into an innovator’s dream.  Deliberately designed and created to encourage creativity and collaboration it’s a place where great things start out.  

7. Fresh Faces  
Last but not least, we’re absolutely thrilled to welcome back Mike Zeff, who is bringing years of facilitation expertise. And we are doubly thrilled to say Paula Sosa,  another seasoned Startup Weekend facilitator based in Auckland and originally from South America, has said 'yes' to come and facilitate our event alongside Mike! Paula brings heaps of know how, zest and energy and a totally new fresh look and feel.   

That's one absolutely amazing line up heading your way for Tauranga Startup Weekend on 23-25 September 2016. 

Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.  Early bird tickets are just $75 (yes that’s right! And that’s for the whole weekend!) till July 25th.

Who are you bringing with you?
Look forward to seeing you there!

Tauranga Startup Weekend Sponsors, thank you!

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